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Biking Tracks

1. Eely Point Walk   mountain bike, dogs, QLDC
20min – 1km                                       
Eely point is a popular, sheltered boating and picnicking area. From Wanaka town follow the lake shore to the right, past the marina, and on to Eely Point. Carrying on round the point for another five minutes takes you to Bremner Bay, a good family swimming spot.

2. Beacon Point Walk    mountain bike, dogs, QLDC
30min – 1.5km                                   
A well-formed shoreline track linking Bremner Bay to Beacon Point, with great lake and mountain views along the way. It suits all ages and abilities, baby buggies and bikes. From Penrith Beach it’s a 30 minute walk to link with the Outlet Track.

3. Outlet Track   mountain bike, dog, picnic, fishing, DOC
1hr – 2.5km                                   
Spectacular scenery and popular with walkers and bikers, the track follows the Clutha River/Mata-Au from its start/finishes at the Lake Wanaka outlet and Hikuwai Reserve in Albert Town. This stretch of the river is world-renowned for its trout fishing.

4. Deans Bank Track   mountain bike, walk, DOC
1hr return – 11.5km                                  
Fantastic uni-directional cross-country loop track. The track weaves its way through typical Otago landscape featuring matagouri and tussock. A selection of berms and tight corners appeal to intermediate mountain bikers, with easier riding options around rocks and other technical obstacles. All of the climbs are well-constructed switchback tracks and the downs flow nicely.

5. Waterfall Creek Track   mountain bike, dogs, QLDC
1hr – 2.5km                                        
It starts from the west end of Roys Bay, and soon reaches Wanaka Station Park, a beautiful picnic area, on the left. The track then winds along the lake’s western shores for superb views, the track passes Edgewater Resort and Rippon Vineyard and on to Waterfall Creek.

6. Damper Bay Track   mountain bike, dogs, picnic swim, QLDC
2-3hr – 10km
Across Waterfall Creek the track continues for a further hour on re-vegetated terraces above Lake Wanaka, to a small north-facing beach.
It’s expected that a shoreline track from Damper Bay to Glendhu Bay will be completed by 2010.

7. Upper Clutha River Track   mountain bike, dog, picnic, historic, fishing, DOC
3-4hr – 14km
The track starts at Albert Town Bridge and winds along the Clutha River/Mata-Au to historic Reko’s Point Conservation Area. A trackside feature is the network of century-old gold mining workings.

8. Minaret Burn Track   mountain bike, swimming, picnic, horse ride, no dogs, DOC
Carpark to Colquhouns Beach: 2-3hr – 7km                                              
This well-formed track provides easy access to beautiful beaches along Wanaka’s western shore. From Homestead Bay carpark the track gently undulates towards small, sheltered, Colquhouns Beach; a popular swimming and picnic spot. The longer, more demanding trips beyond here are described in the Minaret Burn Track brochure.
9. Hawea River Track mountain bike, picnic, no dogs QLDC, DOC
Albert Town to Hawea Dam: 3-4hr – 14km
Suitable for all ages and experience, this riverside walk is over easy country and links Lake Hawea township to Wanaka, via Albert Town.

10. Dingle Burn Track   mountain bike, picnic, camping, no dogs, DOC
Dingleburn carpark to Turihuka Conservation Area: 3-4hr – 11km
Walking along Lake Hawea’s eastern shores there are great views up the Hunter Valley and on a clear day, to the west, as far as Mt Aspiring/Tititea. From the carpark, eight kilometres north of Timaru Creek, follow the 4WD track to Rocky Point and around the bluffs to Silver Island Bay, before gaining height to sidle around The Peninsula. The Turihuka Conservation area is at the mouth of the Dingle Burn.

11. Isthmus Peak Track   mountain bike, no dogs, DOC
Isthmus Peak: 3-4hr – 8km
Matatiaho Conservation Area: 5-7hr – 15km
This track is signposted just south of Stewart Creek on SH6. Follow the poled route along the creek until it joins a farm track. From here it’s a steep, winding, rocky climb to a skyline ridge, with sections where bikers will need to dismount and push. A sign on the ridge points right, to the track to 1,385-metre Isthmus Peak, and left, along the exposed ridge to the Matatiaho Conservation Area.
Closed for fawning, 20 November to 20 December

12. Grandview Range Track   mountain bike, lookout, no dogs, DOC
Sandy Point carpark to Viewpoint: 2-3hr
Viewpoint to Awa Nohoaka Conservation Area: 1-2hr
The track starts across the road from and slightly north of the Sandy Point carpark. A poled route follows Deep Gully up onto the skyline ridge and its great views. The track then branches to access the northern and southern sections of Awa Nohoaka Conservation Area.
Closed for lambing, 15 September to 30 October

13. Lindis Peak Track   mountain bike, lookout, no dogs, DOC
4-5hr return
The track is signposted at the start of Old Faithful Road, off SH8. The view from the 1,226-metre summit is one of the most extensive in Central Otago. The vista includes the stunning St Bathans Range to the east and numerous peaks along the Main Divide, from the head of the Hopkins Valley in the north, to Mount Aspiring/Tititea in the south.
Closed for lambing, 10 October to 5 December

14. Nine Mile Historic Reserve   bike, historic, camping, picnic, DOC
From SH8, drive six kilometres along Old Faithful Road to reach the reserve, which includes the remarkable stone ruins of the Lindis Pass Hotel. Originally the site of the general store for Otago’s first gold rush in 1861, the building had become permanent by 1873. The hotel provided almost continuous service of some kind for over seventy years, ending its days as a residence in 1951.

15. Lindis Valley   mountain biking, no dogs
The tracks in the Lindis Valley offer a range of thrills for mountain bikers combined with excellent views. Drive up Goodger Road to the Tim Burn or Pleasant Valley carparks to access the public tracks that extend from those start points. The tracks cross private property, please stay on them at all times.
Closed for lambing, 10 October to 5 December

16. Melina Ridge Track   mountain bike, picnic, horse riding, no dogs
Lindis River: 13km
Mt Prospect: 20 km (6-8hr by mountain bike)
Signposted south of Lindis Pass on SH8; follow the marked track through to Smith Creek before climbing up and over to emerge at the Lindis River. 
Experienced mountain bikers can continue on to 1,770-metre Mount Prospect by following the signposted 4WD track passing Burn Bush Hut (private).

17. Aspiring Hut
A walk of 2 - 3 hours to the historic stone Aspiring Hut over open valley floor in the West Matukituki Valley.


Highlights of Mountain Biking, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand


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