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Tasty Times Ahead For Lake Wanaka Wine And Food Fest


Jax Hamilton to hold a Master Class

The “Celebrate Local Signature Dish” is launched.
Willowridge Wanakafest is delighted to announce that Jax Hamilton will be coming to join the festivities of the Lake Wanaka Wine and Food Fest on Saturday 20th October 2012. Jax will be running a Master Class on Pembroke Park, and she is thrilled to have been invited:
"Lake Wanaka Food & Wine festival is a really exciting adventure in a beautiful setting, that I can't wait to be part of. With access to so many different fresh, local ingredients to taste and explore.  It is going to be so much fun"
Festival organisers hope to find a sponsor to make Jax’s Master Class a free to attend event for everyone.
A new partnership between Lake Wanaka Tourism and the Wine and Food Fest also promises to bring another exciting dimension to Labour Weekend and the weeks running up to it. This year the new “Celebrate Local Signature Dish” concept is being launched, and festival organisers hope that Wanaka’s restaurants will be right behind it:
“We want all our restaurants to take this opportunity to showcase local chefs and producers, by creating a signature dish or dishes on their menu, made from locally grown produce, and paired with a local wine or beer. Ideally we’d like to make October a whole month of celebrating local food” Says Iona Sanders, Willowridge Wanakafest Festival Coordinator.
Invitations will go out to the restaurants in the next few days.

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