Regenerative Tourism by 2030

Lake Wanaka Tourism, Destination Queenstown & Queenstown Lakes District Council.

The visitor economy is critical to our region, so what we do matters, both as participants and as people and businesses who are part of the community.

Tourism plays a crucial role in the Queenstown Lakes region and we have seen the devastating economic impact on tourism and the wider business community. COVID-19 has created a unique opportunity to rethink the visitor sector's purpose, the principles by which we operate and how we measure success.

While our success has been largely measured in economic terms to date, moving forward, our aspiration is for the visitor industry to enrich this place as well as the lives of the local community both now and into the future. To create mutual value for whanua/whanui (which includes our families, our community and our visitors), our whenua (our place and natural resource) and our economy.

By harnessing the knowledge, expertise, experience and values of both our industry and our community, we have an opportunity to collectively design our own path to a viable and regenerative tourism future.

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