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Ours is a place of pristine beauty, a caring Whanui (community) and a deep sense of mana (pride) for this place we call home. Learn more about Lake Wānaka Tourism’s purpose, values and the story of this incredible region.

An aerial view of Stevenson's Arm in Wanaka, New Zealand
Our purpose

We believe we live in the most special place in the world. We want to ensure that our people and our place thrives now and for future generations.

Our values
Guardianship for our people, our place and our planet
Guardianship for our people, our place and our planet
Inclusive and respectful
Inclusive and respectful
Bold and free-thinking
Bold and free-thinking
Living with a sense of balance
Living with a sense of balance
Our story

All of us who live here and many of those who visit feel a strong sense of connection and belonging. Anyone who comes to Wānaka is awed by the sheer beauty and majesty of this place. We think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it goes beyond this. 

Wanaka township after a fresh snowfall in New Zealand

There’s an underlying energy that comes from our natural environment and this transmits to people through being in the outdoors — the beauty of what we see, the feel of wind, snow, rock, earth on our skin and under our feet, the sound of wind, birds, the scents of nature.

Our mountains, water and air create space to breathe. To breathe easy; relax, rest, connect with yourself, with others, with the natural world.

Kayak in front of mountains

Or a place to breathe hard; through adventure, outdoor activities, pushing your limits and scenery that takes your breath away.

View from Shotover Saddle

Right from the time of Waitaha arrival at Lake Hāwea in 850 AD, this land has a rich history of forging deep connections to whenua and the environment.  This past informs our present and our future. It is at the core of what Wānaka is about.

Black Peak with snow

A place to go beyond the everyday, to find connection, to experience the incredible energy that begins with the landscape — extends to the people and sets this place apart.