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Join WAI Wānaka’s team of volunteers and help with visual clarity testing on the roto / lake, supporting efforts to protect and enhance the health of our local waterways and ecosystems.
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19/12/2023 - 19/12/2023

Looking for ways to connect with the community and have a positive impact on the environment?

Join WAI Wānaka’s team of volunteers and help accelerate action for our fresh water.

When: 19th December | 5.30pm-7pm and every month between 20th-30th of the month

Where: Waterfall Creek carpark

Come along to meet some of the team and fellow volunteers for a fun hour of getting out on the water and learning how to date visual clarity measurements.

Email if you would like to come along, we do this every month! If you would like to learn more about secchi disks and why water clarity matters, click here.