A Conversation of Timeless Design

Saturday, October 17

Urban Grind is hosting Toi's first Design Panel Conversation between local designers Alice Herald, Ed Cruikshank, Alex Guichard and Britt Davies.
7pm at Urban Grind, Wanaka. $25 per person including a drink and food.

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How is a piece of art, jewel or product rendered timeless? In a world where designers are so easily influenced to follow trends, how do you maintain your individual design voice and create timeless design? Why is understanding people and place so important if we want to create powerful work? How do designers play with proportion to evoke emotion and create desire? 

Join Alice Herald Designer of Fine Jewels, Industrial Designer Alex Guichard, Furniture Designer Ed Cruikshank and Graphic Designer Britt Davies in a lively discussion encompassing all aspects of high design.

All experts in their fields, these designers will enlighten you to their world of proportion, how history feeds into their design processes, beauty in aesthetics, sustainability, circular design and much more.


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72 Ardmore Street, Wanaka, Otago 9305, New Zealand

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