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Playing with a variety of toys leads to appropriate growth for girls and boys
Expand play for children by allowing them to choose what to play with! We have Girl rag dolls, Boy rag dolls and an assortment of animals either sewn or crocheted!

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With idle time during the Lockdown, we went back to our roots and rediscovered the joy of home-made creations. Sewing was once my career, but has since remained only a passion - a good way to while away a rainy Sunday...

We genuinely believe that little girls should not be the only ones to benefit from playing with dolls and plush toys.

Here are five reasons why:

  1. Imagination

  2. Empathy

  3. Language

  4. Comfort

  5. Motor Skills

Baby dolls and plush toys offer so many opportunities for learning and development. Children often need to practice their skills before they can apply it to themselves. And boys are quite often slower to develop some of their fine motor and dressing skills than girls, so it is super important for them to be exposed to more opportunities to practice.

There really shouldn’t be such thing as a boys toy or a girls toy. Let’s allow them to play with what takes their fancy and see them flourish.


One of the challenges faced by many was entertaining children for long periods at a time, and it became apparent to us that a doll or plush toy can provide endless hours of fun for children, no matter what age they are.

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