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Saturday, July 10

What would happen, if two incredible women – NZ’s top Sexologist, and a breakthrough Master Life Coach gathered a curious crowd and said…… “Ask us anything!”

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Sonia Waters – is an embodiment therapist and somatic sex educator.
“We want to connect. We want to belong, be heard and be loved.”
Sometimes there are obstacles in our bodies, trauma, or tangled webs that are difficult to see or unravel on our own. It helps to have a guide to navigate new terrain, re-wild our somatic system so we can open to our pleasure, power, and freedom. It is with safety in the nervous system and freedom in the body that people discover deep connection.

Stephanie Holloway  – is a body language, communication and breakthrough life coach who works with people in partnerships.
“Communication is the vital life force of any relationship.”
People become suffocated by past hurts. Smothered by opinions that are not theirs. Alone in their ‘oneness’ as a separate person to their partner. Stuck, and stagnant in miscommunication. Do anything and everything you can, to protect, nurture, sustain, and grow your partnership.

Everyone over 18 is welcome – male, female, LGBTI, singles, couples; people of all age, gender, and sexual orientation.

‘Apre ski’ type menu and drinks have been created exclusively for the event by Edgewater (not included in event price). Why not make it a night out? Arrive early and have dinner. The Summit Room where the event is will have a private bar open too.

This is a one-off event, especially for Wanaka. Don’t miss out – book early.

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