Glacier Jet

Exciting jet boat adventure on the mighty Matukituki River combined with a scenic helicopter flight high into the mountains of Mt Aspiring National Park to land on a glacier.

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Cruising along the pristine, glacially fed waters at up to 80 kph, surrounded by towering mountains, glorious waterfalls and through filming locations for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Trilogies, the jetboat pilot will spin us through 360 degrees to take full advantage of your surroundings and finding time to stop for seldom seen photo opportunities.

The second leg of this unforgettable adventure will take us high into the skies for the commanding views of Mount Aspiring National Park. The helicopter will pick us up from the head of the Matukituki River and take us over this legendary landscape. Having experienced the natural beauty of these glacially carved lands from the human perspective we will now enjoy this exclusive opportunity to admire it from the birds eye view, soaring above snow-capped peaks and shimmering blue, ancient glaciers. We will descend from the heavens to land on a glacier for a once in a lifetime chance to experience the feel of living ice underfoot, to walk on this glorious creation of nature and marvel at the sheer majestic force as it carves the landscape around us. And there is more…

The third leg completes the journey with a pleasurable guided nature walk through ancient native beech forests to a secluded waterfall and learn how this amazing landscape was forged by the awesome forces of nature all around us.


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$379.00 to $639.00

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