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Develop industry standard skills from the fundamental basics including knots, anchors, belaying, prussiking and glacier travel skills, to cliff & crevasse rescue. Locals get your group of 4 together and pay only $800pp for the 3 day course

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  • Develop fundamental rope skills
  • Learn technical rescue techniques
  • Practical 'hands-on' course
  • Gain skills that will allow you to climb with confidence

Adventure Consultants is now offering a Technical Rope Skills Course! Covering all the fundamental basic rope skills including knots, anchors, belaying, prussiking, glacier travel skills—right through to technical rescue skills such as cliff and crevasse rescue. With a focus on problem solving you’ll learn techniques across a range of scenarios developing skills and strategies that will allow you to climb independently with confidence.

Run by New Zealand's leading Mountain Guides, the course will be taught to the same industry standard as assessed on mountain guides courses. At the end of the course you’ll receive a certificate of participation. An ideal opportunity for those new to climbing to gain fundamental skills, for intermediate level climbers looking to fine tune techniques and learn more advanced skills or simply as a refresher for climbers who may be a little rusty with their ropes.

Choose to join all three days, or combine Day 1 with either Rock Skills (Day 2) or Crevasse Rescue Skills (Day 3).

Day 1 - Introduction to basic rope skills

  • Knots and coiling.
  • Anchor systems, equalized anchors.
  • Belaying, rappelling, runners.
  • Prussiks and prussiking.
  • Rappelling, safety prussik, rappelling past the knot.

Day 2 - Rock skills

  • Anchors, rock and bolts
  • Natural protection.
  • Rappel anchors.
  • Escaping the system.
  • Auto blocks, assisted hoist.
  • Cliff rescue hauling/lowering systems.

Day 3 - Crevasse rescue skills

  • Roping up for glacier travel.
  • Introduction to crevasse rescue and snow anchors.
  • Building anchors, preparing the lip, first response and safety of the victim.
  • Assisted hoist.
  • Z pulley systems.



Physical Address

20 Brownston St, Wanaka, Wanaka, Otago 9305, New Zealand


$275.00 to $850.00

1:1 Ratio: NZ$850 per day
1:2: NZ$450 per person/per day
1:3: NZ$350 per per day
1:4: NZ$275 per person/per day

Locals - $800pp for 3 days/4 people

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