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Come visit our gallery! Talk with us about your desires for art, furniture, homewares, fix-its, signs, caravans & bespoke works of all sorts. Our engineers excel at formulating winning strategies to move imagination into metal.

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At Metalworks Wanaka we love innovating. Our experienced engineers are leaders in fine design and manufacturers of unique, high-quality limited production and bespoke metal products of all sorts. Steve Rumore - Designer. Stainless, mild, galvanised steel, copper, hand-forged, laser cut, engraved, rusted, patina, powder coated... so many choices and combinations to bring imagination into metal.

Please come by our gallery at 54 Ballantyne Rd to see examples of a wide array of work, and perhaps even take some home with you! Fire pokers, screens, guards and grates, wood boxes, braziers, sculptures, tables, garden and home decorations, mirrors, candlestick holders, hooks, brackets, straps, signs, letterboxes, curtain rods and finials, privacy screens, outdoor fires, furniture, repairs of all manner of objects, caravan renovation, custom builds, trailer fabrication, tiny house trailers, firewood trailers, spiral staircases, handrails and balustrades, fountains, trophies, fun and functional gifts, commemorative plaques, or whatever else you may bring along for repair, renovation or creation.

Metalworks Wanaka offers a range of services for all of your metal needs. What ideas do you have or need us to bat round with you that you have been longing for ages to see in metal? A personal commemoration, garden sculpture, piece of artistic furniture, custom caravan, or anything, really. The sky is the limit and we delight in designing what you describe as a desire. Part of our environmental policy is repair and re-purpose.

We also focus on repair and renovation. Giving a worn or broken object a birthday, or new life is thrilling and satisfying all around. We also transact as environmentally responsibly as we are able:

  • We recycle and/or reuse or re-purpose as much material as possible, in our manufacture and in our administrative consumption.
  • We use as many bio-degradable products, or more earth friendly products, as possible. For example, using beeswax or penetrol rather than epiphos in our steel finishing and using earth friendly packaging materials for shipping orders.
  • We source materials where possible from our local or regional recycling centres.
  • We use Ecotricity as our power supplier.
  • We buy locally wherever possible.
  • We use an electric car to serve as many of our business needs as possible.
  • We create products to encourage re-use or elimination of waste, such as our stainless steel straws and solar power product options.
  • Wherever possible we conduct paperless transactions.
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54 Ballantyne Road, Otago, Wanaka, New Zealand

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