Mulch deliveries ~ Tree Tamers

Tree Tamers offer 6m3 mulch delivered in the Wanaka area for $90 - that's a lot of mulch goodness! Use recycled tree mulch in your garden before the frosts.

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Tree Tamers are based in Wanaka; we are fully qualified and fully insured specialist arborists offering superior quality tree care since 2003.  We service all of your tree care needs from pruning to removal of large trees; cleanly, efficiently and safely.

If you value your trees, you can trust Tree Tamers. We recycle all tree waste.

We'll sweat the big stuff!

We also have a stump grinder and do hedge trimming. 


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947 Aubrey Road, Albert Town, Wanaka 9305, Wanaka 9305, Otago 9305, New Zealand

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