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Our Energising Workshops are highly-rewarding experiences designed to yield learnings that help managers and business owners to bring out the true potential of their people.

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Our Energising Workshops are one of three programmes we offer as part of our Conference Solutions, alongside Team Building Exercises and Team Adventures.

They consist of a selection of activities and discussions, and personal challenges cherry-picked to flow from a workshop theme chosen to satisfy specific outcomes.

Their purpose is to create opportunities for insight and self-awareness that the individual can implement afterwards, both at work and at home.

NewZeal® Energising Workshops are available as one part of our bespoke Conference Activity Services, or as a complement to an existing conference itinerary, and have a duration of 90 minutes to half a day.

All challenges are managed under our safety management system and conducted by trained NewZeal® facilitators.

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Unit 6, 4 Helwick St, Wanaka 9305, New Zealand

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