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Isolation has been tough, so when you’re ready to come out of your bubble, we’re here for you. It’s ok to go out again. Make a date with a friend/loved one to reconnect, and help someone in the community at the same time.

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Pembroke pick-me-up – a promise to reconnect

For every $20 Pembroke Patisserie Pick Me Up voucher purchased, we are donating a $10 coffee voucher to Community Networks Wanaka – who will distribute these to their clients who need a bit of cheering up. So in buying a voucher, not only are you treating a friend, you’re also treating someone in need in our community.

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20 Alison Avenue, Albert Town, Otago 9382, New Zealand



For every $20 Pembroke Pick-me up voucher sold, we'll donate a $10 coffee voucher to Community Networks Wanaka to help someone in our community.

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