PURE New Zealand Ice Cream

PURE New Zealand Ice Cream is Award Winning, handcrafted artisan ice cream created purely in Wanaka, New Zealand. All our flavours are intense and original, using 100% natural, locally produced and carefully selected ingredients.

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The Team at PURE New Zealand Ice Cream have a simple mission, "to create only the purest and most natural ice creams that deliver naturally intense flavours, whilst making the least possible impact on our environment." 

We aim to give Kiwis and our visitors the reassurance that they are choosing the most natural, premium ice creams New Zealand has to offer. We're blessed to be able to create our ice creams in Wanaka, nestled in the pristine Mt Aspiring National Park in the Alpine South Island of New Zealand. Melt water from millennia old glaciers feeds our aquifers and in turn grows feed for our dairy cows, helping them produce pure New Zealand goodness. PURE New Zealand ice cream is a truly handmade artisan product. We pasteurise, churn, flavour and package all our products by care of hand; no conveyors or automated processes.

We believe that this close attention to detail ensures the highest care and quality from the farm gate to the freezer. Enjoy!

Physical Address

78 Anderson Road, Wanaka, Wanaka 9305, New Zealand


$17.00 to $19.00

Available from local New Worlds, Fresh Choice, Good Local Restaurants and Hospitality Business.

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