Reel Relish

Friday, March 30

Funky live loops and velvet vocals

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Reel Relish is a concoction of fun, skill, emotion and a big sound!

Rich Whyman (keyboards, guitar, loops and vocals) and Jodie Wheatley (Microkorg and vocals) make up the dynamic duo that is Reel Relish.

The Duo use their voices, multiple instruments plus a loop pedal to create a big soundscape, switching easily between acoustic and electronic genres. Every note and drum beat is played completely live. Expect a wide variety of genres but with heavy funk, soul and reggae influences. Rich builds up complex live loops using multiple instruments and FX. Jodie has often been likened to an early Sia. Like Sia, and her number one idol Amy Winehouse, she has a vocal maturity way beyond her years... A duo not to be missed!

Originally from the UK, the pair share their time between there and Chamonix, France. They regularly tour throughout Europe, playing festivals, bars, nightclubs, weddings and private events. They are renowned for energetic performances playing inventive covers shows. They also write and perform original music.

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155 Ardmore Street, Wanaka, New Zealand

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