The Camelbak Big Easy

Saturday, January 28

48km Mountain Bike course and 30km ‘Soft Option’ both start at the Snow Farm and travel to the top of Mt Pisa then a big down hill to Luggate crossing under the main road (stock underpass) then cross country back to the Albert Town Tavern.

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Course Description Start at Lake Mckay woolshed (click here for map) doing an easy loop on farm tracks around the Station then joining in with the Big Easy heading to the Albert Town going under the main road (stock underpass) then heading toward the Clutha River for about 500m from their a short climb up onto the upper terrace following a farm track to Stevensons road, turn left onto Stevensons road travel 500 then turn left over farm tracks to Halliday Rd. follow Halliday Rd. the the crossing of the Cardrona River follow around the edge of the Clutha River to theBridge then up to the finish at the Albert Town Tavern.

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