The Ruby Swim

Saturday, January 26

The Ruby is an open water swim event around an iconic island - Ruby Island, situated in Lake Wanaka just off shore. With its incredible position within its surrounding landscape, it's a special day out.

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The Ruby celebrates the art and pleasure of open water swimming in a pristine alpine lake, swimming around an island just off shore. It's more than just a race, it's an experience. Sure you can race and go for PB's at the various distances on offer, but so too you can approach the day as a leisurely swim to enjoy the position you are in. The sights are magical, all around, above and below the waterline.

We have a 200m swim for the kiddies. Moving up to 600m swimming out to Ruby Island and a ride back to shore on the Water Taxi, or swim back yourself after diving off the Jetty as you leave the island for the 1.2km swim. The heart and soul of the day is The Ruby, the 2.5km swim out to and around the island and back to Waterfall creek. We have the most amazing exclusive winners rings for this event, only two available each year. The Big Ruby is the iron distance 3.8km swim, which for 2019 is possibly the only such length swim in the south island. Good if you are training for a full triathlon somewhere. Our newest race - The Ruby10, introduced last year, puts the full marathon length 10km swim on the map for mainland NZ

So somewhere in there you will certainly find either the length or the challenge you are looking for. Be it endurance distance or coming to terms with swimming in open water, The Ruby has everything you need.

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Waterfall Creek Road, Wanaka


$35.00 to $89.00

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