U-FLY Scenic Trial Flight

A Trial Flight is a short 20min, 30min or 1 hour flight in a small aircraft with an experienced instructor at your side.
Lake Wanaka Scenic Trial Flight (about 20min)
River Valley Scenic Trial Flight (about 30min)
Glacier Ridge Scenic Trial Flight (about 60min)

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The qualified instructor guides you through a take off, flight, and landing, all while having dual control of the plane. The dual control means that you are in the safest hands and the instructor will only give full control to you when you feel comfortable.

This means that you can have as much or as little control of the plane as you want.

If you have always wanted to learn how to fly, or if you have ‘flying a plane’ on your bucket list, U-Fly Wanaka is the perfect place to book a trial flight. Our highly qualified and experienced instructors have many hours flying in the Lake Wanaka region. They know the area and the conditions, so you are in the very safest hands.

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8 Spitfire Lane, Wanaka Airport, Wanaka, Otago 9382, New Zealand


$209.00 to $439.00

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