U-FLY Wanaka

Take the controls and be the pilot as your experienced instructor guides you through how the plane works. No experience necessary!

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2 in 1 Incredible scenic flight plus your fun chance to fly the plane. Just arrive for your flight, get in and fly!  Absolutely no experience required as you are with our friendly expert pilots. Any flying of the plane is optional. This is the very best way to see Lake Wanaka and the spectacular mountains.

  • 20 minute 'Highlights' flight. 
  • 30 minute 'Lakes Original' flight
  • 1 Hour 'Glacier Gold' flight
  • 20 minute Aerobatic Joyride
  • 30 minute Aerobatic Lesson

One person flys while two friends sit in the back seat and enjoy the scenery. We have 3 planes at can fly two 20 minute flights per hour.

Physical Address

8 Spitfire Lane, Wanaka 9383, New Zealand


$199.00 to $435.00

15% Off for all New Zealanders. You can take a passenger with you to enjoy the flight. the extra passenger onboard just $30 each.

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