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The Māori Whakatau/Welcome to Wānaka and Queenstown is to connect you with the indigenous Māori culture of New Zealand.
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Greeted with a welcoming challenge by a Māori Warrior with Taiaha. You are welcomed by the Tangata Whenua (people of the land) being a Manuhiri (visitor). 

Then the verbal connection to the land with Whaikōrero is formal speech making and is normally performed acknowledging the:

  • Land
  • Wharenui (ancestral meeting house)
  • The dead (our ancestors) 
  • The people present
  • The reason for gathering

Māori take great pride in hosting Manuhiri (visitors) and this is delivered through Manaakitanga / Hospitality. 

The Māori are guardians and stewards of the land, holding it in sacred trust for our mokopuna (grandchildren) to inherit in years to come. It is important that we at WanaHaka® empower you on your travels through New Zealand to also be guardians and protectors of the land through Kaitiakitanga/protectors of the land. 

The Hongi (press noses) is the traditional Māori greeting and is a sign of peace, life and well being and represents a connection between people and the Tangata Whenua (people of the land). The Hongi is a gentle pressing of noses which creates a connection and the “Ha”- the breath of life, between two people. WanaHaka embraces this Māori custom because we want you to experience the authenticity of Māori culture in New Zealand and Wānaka and to embrace the physical connection to the land. 

The Haka is a traditional Māori dance. Māori haka are performed for various reasons, such as celebrating an achievement, welcoming distinguished guests, or as a pre-battle challenge. Contrary to popular belief, a haka is not always a war dance, and may be performed by both men and women.

The cultural haka performed at WanaHaka is a specifically designed haka that pays respect to the Whenua (land) and Whanau (family/people) of the Wānaka and Central Otago region and is unique to this area so is very Tapu (sacred) and limited in its presentation. 

The two Haka delivered like everything else will be broken down into English and all the actions and what they represent so you leave educated and empowered. 

Finally, a brief history of Southern Māori is then discussed and the integration of Europeans into the Wānaka and surrounding areas leading into the advent of the Gold Rush in Central Otago from the 1860’s to modern society.

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