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Lake Wānaka Tourism (LWT) is the official regional tourism organisation for the Wānaka region. It is an incorporated society owned, funded and governed by the commercial businesses in the Wānaka region.

Key activity areas are:

• Destination management
• Destination marketing
• Industry capability
• Business Support
• i-SITE Visitor Centre Management (via subsidiary company)

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As of December 15, 2021, both fully vaccinated and those with negative COVID-19 test results can once again travel throughout the country under the traffic light system, also known as the COVID-19 Protection Framework. For businesses in our region this means familiarising yourself with the COVID-19 Protection Framework and modifying your COVID-19 safety plan according to framework changes. Read more here.

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Using the below Microsoft Power BI report, we are able to present publicly available industry data from a variety of sources including the Tourism Electronic Card Transactions (TECTs), the Accommodation Data Programme (ADP), DataVentures, Infometrics and the Tourism Sentiment Index (TSI).

Please do not hesitate to reach out for further elaboration and insights.

Get access to the Wānaka logo and brand alongside the brand guidelines to help promote your business. Find Lake Wānaka Tourism’s high resolution image library here.

The government has developed a New Zealand-Aotearoa Government Tourism Strategy which has the goal of ensuring tourism growth is productive, sustainable and inclusive. This is to help grow New Zealand for all, improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders and to protect and restore our natural environment, ultimately enriching our country through sustainable tourism growth.

As part of this Strategy, the Government provided Lake Wānaka Tourism and Destination Queenstown with funding to undertake a project that:

  • Advances the goals of the Strategy and creates a more productive, sustainable and inclusive tourism sector;
  • Retains RTO investment from Local Government;
  • Adopts a destination management approach in line with MBIE’s Destination Management Guidelines which includes working with industry, communities and stakeholders to plan for the future, supporting industry capability and product development opportunities; and
  • Undertakes domestic marketing activity that complements Tourism New Zealand’s domestic marketing.

Facts and Figures 

Pre-COVID, tourism was booming in our district. With this growth, tourism provided many benefits to the economy, local community, and related industries…but tourism also placed considerable strain on the community and the volume of tourists was being questioned.

The local accommodation and food sector grew 149% between 2000-2020 (while national growth in this sector was just 54%).

Tourism GDP grew by 665% between 2000-2020 to a massive $1.5 billion.

For every 1 x Queenstown Lakes resident, $73,594 was spent by visitors in the local economy (at year end 2019)

Tourism is entwined in our local economy with roughly 50% of full-time jobs within the tourism system.