Driving in New Zealand

Know the rules 

To make sure you are adequately prepared for driving in New Zealand and understand ‘what’s different', watch the video below and read the notes.

Here are some handy resources for you if you are doing a self-drive tour in New Zealand:

  • Complete the AA on-line assessment, print the ‘certificate of completion’, signed by you, you can present this to your car rental provider to show you have taken steps to prepare yourself for driving in New Zealand.
  • Read the basic information about New Zealand road rules and etiquette on DriveSafe.org.nz. It also provides links to more details about everything that drivers unfamiliar with our roads need to know.
  • Take the Tourist Driving Theory Quiz to learn the essential Road Code rules you'll need to know to help you stay safe and minimise your chance of an accident in New Zealand.
  • Download the Driving and New Zealand Self-drive Holidays fact sheets (these are a great resource to print and keep with you).