4 Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions (You'll Actually Keep)

Start the new year off right and take care of our place. 

3…2…1. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2020 – a brand spankin’ new decade. And while many New Year’s resolutions won’t make it past Jan 3rd, we’ve got four eco-friendly resolutions that you’ll want to keep all year long.

Say no to plastic

Plastic is so last decade. Going into 2020, we’re eliminating single-use plastics.

Let’s start with cellophane food wraps and plastic containers. Exchange those out for beeswax wraps, available at several Wanaka locations including Fedeli and Gifted Design Store.

RESIZE Preserves and ceramics

We love our coffee as much as the next Kiwi, but not those single-use cups. Make a resolution to always tote a reusable coffee mug! (Psst. We love the handmade pottery ones for sale at The Coffee Shack). And if you happen to forget your reusable mug, look to Again again SUCfree cups – cups that you can rent for a deposit, which you’ll get back upon returning the cup! For a list of cafes in Wanaka using the service, click here. SUCfree (Single Use Cup-free) Wanaka is a campaign by the community, for the community, with the goal of making our beautiful place free of the scourge of single-use cups by 2022.


And it should go without saying by now, but reusable shopping bags are a go-to, as well as reusable water bottles.

Pedal power

With endless tracks and trails, this resolution is a no-brainer. Make it your goal to discover as much as Wanaka as you can by bike or by simply walking! The Wanaka Tracks app can help you choose the best adventure.

 But what if you left your two-wheeled transport machine at home? Well, luckily, there’s plenty of shops where you can rent top-of-the-line bikes. Check out your options here.


We’ve also created a special geo-tag for our #LoveWanaka series called ‘LoveWanaka – Take Care Of Our Place’ so you can show your followers that you’re committed to protecting New Zealand while you’re here.

Op shop 'til you drop

What’s old is new again. And recycling isn’t just limited to plastics and cardboard. Commit to filling your wardrobe full of secondhand treasures from the Salvation Army Family Store and Wastebusters Wanaka. Just remember – there’s an art to finding the best goodies!

RESIZE Wastebusters

Just use less!

Even as a visitor to Wanaka, there are so many ways that you can reduce.

In your accommodation, opt to not have your room cleaned everyday, saving water. Turn off your air-con and electronics when you go out. Recycle and compost as much as you can and remember that our friendly neighbourhood op shops are happy to take any items that won’t fit in your suitcase home!

RESIZE use less

If there was ever a time to keep your resolutions, it’s now. So make them eco-friendly and let’s all commit to taking care of our place.


Photos: Neat Places, Of Two Lands & Fabio Oliveira