5 minutes with photographer Mark Clinton and Canon

Australian photographer Mark Clinton’s backdrop is the dramatic landscape of the natural world, but it’s the human element that makes his photography special. Watch this collaboration with Canon and  journey to the peaks of Wanaka’s mountains, as he chases the best images of his life with pro skier, Fraser McDougall. 

Watch Canon Video here

1. What is it about winter in Wanaka that you love?

Being based in Sydney I'm able to fly 3 hours and be in a place that's the complete polar opposite of Sydney. Aside from the snow capped mountains, the vibe in town is contagious, especially after a few IPA's during happy hour!

2. Can you describe one of your most memorable days in the mountains?

This season just been - we had a spare few days so went out on a whim to End Peak. We camped out overnight with Lake Wanaka in the background and woke up to it snowing.Our boots were filled! There was a slither of hope as a tiny break of clear sky sat on the horizon, so we quickly made our move and got into position. The sun did pop out and although it only lasted 5 minutes max. it was easily the best sunrise I’ve seen to date.

3. In your experience how is it best to prepare for winter/ski shooting?

Being comfortable and warm in the snow is my first priority. You could be sitting in the shade for hours waiting for the right light.Layering is key. I start with a merino base layer, an insulated mid-layer and a waterproof/ gore tex shell.

4. What your best tech tip for photographers?

Carrying minimal weight when skiing is key for mobility. As much as I love my set of prime lenses it’s hard to justify carrying all of them around. I mainly use a 24-70mm, a 16- 35mm for the wide shots, and a 100 – 400mm to shoot across the valleys. 

5. From never skiing to heli skiing in a matter of years - what’s your best ski tip??

It's hard to pass up lessons during the teething process. I was fortunate enough to be taught by some amazing skiers however luckily most ski resorts (especially around Wanaka) have a great team of ski instructors to get you on your feet!