Estelle and Kim's Wanaka Wedding

They may be living in another beautiful part of the world now - but Estelle and Kim knew they had to get married at home in NZ ...Wanaka was their choice.  

See how they pulled off a day for not only themselves, but for their guests as well. 

Why Wanaka?

We decided to get married at my Dad’s house in Wanaka, it had been our holiday home for the last 25 years, with my dad making it his permanent home last year. I had always dreamed of getting married there. We are incredibly happy with the decision we made, it was the perfect setting, and now holds even more special memories.

Which was the favourite part of your Wanaka wedding?

Soooo many... walking down the aisle with both my mum and my dad and seeing Greg at the end waiting for me would have to be a huge highlight! It was a moment I had been dreaming of ever since we started to plan our wedding, I didn't even notice the rain, I was too jazzed to marry my best friend.

Any stand out vendors from your wedding?

I feel like we struck it lucky with our vendors, it was like we somehow managed to pick the Wanaka Dream Team.

Our photographer Jodie from The Good Wedding Company was one of the best decisions we made for the day, she made the day fun and full of laughter, and we feel like we have made a new friend! Winning!
Gina our celebrant was an absolute gem, I feel so lucky that we had her, after our rehearsal, which was a comedy of errors and no one really grasping what they were supposed to do, I knew that no matter what happened on the day we would be fine!
The flowers and head piece from Crimson Floral Design, blew my mind, I have never seen such amazing flowers.
We also had such a great time getting ready, our make up artist Janine and hairdresser Biddi, supplied plenty of great chat and made it a very fun start to the day.     

What would be your number one piece of advice be for another bride?

I’m sure everyone probably says this, but don’t sweat the small stuff, it truly does not matter on the day! All that matters is that you get to marry your person that means more to you than anyone else.

Explain the proposal

At the time we were living in Melbourne. We went to Wanaka for a holiday, my Dads 60th birthday and my brothers 30th and decided we would love to walk to Roys Peak, when we reached the lookout I was taking photos on my phone, Greg wanted to get the camera out of the backpack to take more photos, when I turned around he was down on one knee, with my dream ring! Neither of us remember what he said, I replied with some strange noises, this was followed by lots of happy tears.


Other info: 

Date of wedding: 4th March 2017
Number of guests: 90
Venue: Ceremony at The Olive Grove, Reception at The Venue

Wanaka businesses used:

Photography: Nina Henderson Photography
Celebrant: George Konia
Hair: Sara at Absolutely Fabulous Hair
Bus Transport: Yello!
Music: LA Social
Wine from: Pembroke Wines & Craft Beer Bar
Reception, catering & accommodation: The Venue
Ceremony: The Olive Grove