Estelle and Stas's Wedding

The intimate autumn wedding that went from one perfect location to the next...

Estelle and Stas share their story, secrets and tips on their beautiful Autumn wedding in Wanaka.

Why a Wanaka Wedding?

My Husband and I love the outdoors and nature. He proposed to me in Western Australia, a stunning landscape, where the soil is red and dry and where temperatures soar up into the forties. When deciding on our wedding destination we knew we wanted a stark contrast to the desert terrain we had lived in for the past 2 years. 

We wanted a small intimate wedding with the perfect back drop, Wanaka was exactly that! During the autumn months it is something particularly special. The vibrant foliage that lines the streets and waters' edge creates an idyllic setting. The crisp cool air reminds you of every breath you take. The mountains surround and engulf you. Wanaka epitomises the clean, green, beautiful New Zealand that the rest of the world knows it for.  

Which was your favourite part of your Wanaka wedding?

Being on top of Mount Roy, standing at Coromandel peak, wrapped in my husbands arms and taking in our surroundings. 

What time of the year did you get married and why?

We chose to marry in autumn, knowing that the poplar trees would be in all their glory. We also craved a cooler climate having come from Western Australia.   

What would be your number one piece of advice be for another bride?

The day is for you and your loved one, do what makes you happy and have the day how you envisioned it. 

What is your “must do” when getting married in Wanaka?

Take a helicopter ride up to one of the mountains. The scenery is stunning and not something you will ever forget. Wanaka holds a special place in my husbands' and my heart and we hope to some day live there. 

Other information:

Date of wedding - 28.04.16
Number of guests - 4
Venue -  Edgewater Resort 

Wanaka businesses used:

Photography: Alpine Image Company 
Planner: The Wedding Company New Zealand 
Celebrant: Jools MacKnight 
Hair: Absolutely Fabulous Hair
Flowers: Crimson Wedding Flowers
Transport: Wanaka Helicopters 
Venue: Rippon Hall 

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