How You Can Go Single-Use Cup Free in Wanaka

With SUCFree Wanaka and Again Again

It’s no secret that Kiwis love their coffee. And visitors to Wanaka love to partake in our caffeinated obsession. But did you know that New Zealand discards up to 295 million single use cups per year? And while reusable cups and mugs are on the rise, research suggest that only 2-4% of coffee drinkers are regularly filling theirs.

 Again Again are working to provide a solution to this epidemic. They’ve developed a reusable coffee cup lending system for takeaways without the throwaway.

The problem

Mentioned above, New Zealanders throw away a lot of single-use cups. And because of the cup’s plastic lining, this waste never breaks down. Inevitably, it ends up in our ecosystems.

 And while some cups have a plant-based lining called PLA (polyactic acid), these cups aren’t much better. PLA cups need to be returned to a commercial composting facility, where they can take up to three months to degrade. What’s worse, only 1 in 400 of these compostable cups make it to the proper facility. Those that don’t, escape into the environment, where they hardly break down.

SUCfree 1

The solution

Again Again provide a fleet of stainless steel cups to participating cafes. These takeaway cups are available to customers for a small deposit, which is reimbursed when said customer returns the cup after they’ve finished their coffee.

Again Again cups are made from the highest grade stainless steel, which won’t degrade and can be used indefinitely barring any damage. If the cup should become damaged, Again Again recovers the steel and recycles in locally. Another bonus – stainless steel is one the most highly recycled materials – 69-90% of the material is reused!

Again Again also uses a cardboard sleeve that has no plastic lining and can be paper recycled or composted, both at home or commercially.

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If only one café poured half its takeaway coffee into an Again Again cup instead of a single-use cup, this would divert 20,000 cups from the landfill each year alone. And that’s just one café!

Over three years, Again Again aims to divert 20% of single-use cups in New Zealand – that’s roughly 12 million cups a year!

As of June 2019, Again Again estimated they’re diverting cups at a rate of 600,000 annually.


Where can I go SUCfree in Wanaka?

Wanaka has several businesses that offer Again Again cups, with several opting to completely eliminate single-use cups.

-          Federal Diner

-          Alchemy Café

-          Ritual Espresso Café

-          Big Fig

-          Relishes Café

-          Florence’s Foodstore & Café

-          Monkey Farm

-          Pembroke Patisserie

-          Warbirds & Wheels

-          Hawea Store & Kitchen     

-          Edgewater Resort

-          Hammer & Nail Cafe

-          New World Three Parks Cafe

-          Double Black Cafe   

 SUCfree 2

Join us in the revolution against plastics and go SUCFree!