Mat & Rose's Wanaka Wedding

Autumn colours and the mountains as a backdrop... this wedding was set to wow the guests and create memories that will never fade.

Rose and Mat share their guide for a relaxed boho style Wanaka wedding. 

Why Wanaka?

Why not Wanaka? It’s one of if not THE most beautiful spots in the country! We were always going to get married in a place that we knew well, had spent a lot of time in together and meant a lot to us, that narrowed it down to Mat's home town of Te Puke or Rose's home town of Wanaka….no competition really, the scenery in Wanaka is too amazing to pass up.

Which was the favourite part of your Wanaka wedding?

We cant pick just one, so here’s three…
1. Our two families coming together for the first time was so cool to see. We’ve been together for 4.5yrs and our parents had only met once and our siblings never had. Now we’re just one big happy family!

2. Having all our North Island friends and family make the trip down and get to see for themselves why the amazing Wanaka is so special to us was also really important.

3. Mat's surprise first trip in the helicopter to get some mountain top sunset photos. The whole day went so fast that to be able to take an hour just to ourselves was amazing

What time of the year did you get married and why?

We chose Autumn for a few different reasons, mainly because it is just so beautiful in Wanaka, we wanted those colours to be a part of our flowers and in our photos. Rose had also always wanted a romantic winter look wedding without the winter temperatures. The un-romantic reason is that it also worked in well with Mats schedule on the Dairy Farm.

What would be your number one piece of advice be for another bride?

Just relax – if anything doesn’t go to plan, what can you do about it? Nothing. So just carry on and enjoy your day. I had moments at 9pm the night before thinking ‘oh no I haven’t done or got this and I really wanted it’….none of our guests noticed or knew that though and it made no difference to the day at all. Once in the moment I forgot all about it!
Oh and don’t buy your dress too early... just in case you change your mind….

What is your “must do” when getting married in Wanaka?

You’ll be surprised how much time will be taken up with the set up and running around town picking things up and doing little jobs for the wedding, so extend your trip by a few extra days so you can take the time to get out and do some of Wanaka’s non wedding related activities with all your family and friends. Encourage your guests to do the same, especially those who have never been down there before.

Other info:

Date of wedding: 28th April 2017
Number of guests: 120
Venue: Corbridge Woolshed

Wanaka businesses used:

Stationery, Design & Hire: Pop Creative
Photographer: Micimage
Celebrant: Hails Richmond 
Flowers: Our amazing Family & Friends for all bouquets, button holes & reception flowers. Crimson flowers for the head garland
Catering: Zamora – The Meat Preachers. Nicola King for the delicious grazing tables
Lighting and Sound: Inlight
Band: Assembly Required
Gold Cutlery: The Pretty Prop Shop
Hair: Biddi King
Make Up: Gemma Makeup
Brides Dress: Julliette Hogan
Helicopter: Alpine Helicopters