Where Can I Fly My Drone?

Flying a drone is fun but don't forget - this makes you a pilot!

There are a number of rules and regulations around flying drones including CAA, Department of Conservation and the local council.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have permission to fly your drone where you want it to go. The regulations for flying drones are listed below but in effect you can not fly a drone anywhere around Wānaka except over your own private property without a permit.

All open spaces around Wānaka are either QLDC parks and reserves, Department of Conservation land or private property.

  • QLDC - isn’t giving approvals for remote controlled aircraft (including drones) to fly over any parks, reserves and roads at present, unless it is for a Commercial Film permit and the operator is certificated under Rule 102 of the Civil Aviation Act.
  • Department of Conservation - you must have a concession from DOC to fly a drone (of any size) on public conservation land (including National Parks) for any reason, including private and non-commercial use. 
  • Private propertyYou must not fly your aircraft over any property unless prior consent has been obtained from any persons occupying that property or the property owner 
  • Around airports and aerodromesyou must get an agreement from the aerodrome operator before flying your unmanned aircraft within 4 km of their aerodrome - see map
  • Over people - you must not fly over people unless you have their consent
  • Controlled airspace - there are a number of areas in New Zealand that are restricted or controlled airspace where you must get permission to fly. See the map here

 Check out the Fly Your Drone NZ website for some great information