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Last updated August 1, 2022

Find information and resources about travelling to Wānaka for both international and domestic visitors.

General FAQs

  • What is the COVID-19 Protection Framework? (aka Traffic Light System)

    New Zealand is currently using the COVID-19 Protection Framework (more commonly known as the Traffic Light System).

    The system consists of three settings – green, orange and red. To learn more about recent changes to the Traffic Light System and what is permitted at each setting, please click here.

    Wānaka is currently at the orange setting.

    Please note that from 11:59pm on April 4, 2022, My Vaccine Pass is no longer required. Businesses will still be able to use the system if they would like to.

  • Do I need to wear a face coverings?

    Face masks are required in specific circumstances at each setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System). To learn more about where a face mask is required and what type of face mask you should be using, click here.

    Wānaka is currently at the orange setting, which means you must wear a face mask:

    • on domestic flights
    • on public transport
    • at indoor arrival and departure points for domestic flights and public transport
    • if you are aged 12 years or over on Ministry of Education funded school transport and public transport
    • in taxis or ride share vehicles
    • inside a retail business, for example supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacies, petrol stations, and takeaway food stores
    • inside public facilities, such as museums and libraries, but not at swimming pools
    • at a vet clinic
    • visiting the indoor area of a court or tribunal — unless the judicial officer does not require them
    • at premises operated by local and central government agencies, social service providers, and NZ Police
    • in the public area of premises operated by NZ Post Limited
    • when visiting a healthcare service, for example a healthcare or aged care facility
  • What about testing?

    Getting tested for COVID-19 is free across the country. You may need to get a test if you are showing cold and flu symptoms, if you are a close contact of a case, if you are travelling or if mandatory testing applies to your job.

    Learn more about getting tested here.

  • Healthy habits?

    Even though NZ is highly vaccinated, it is important to keep up healthy habits like washing your hands and using sanitizer, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, disinfecting shard surfaces, keeping safe distance and staying home or in your accommodation if you’re sick.

    Read more about healthy habits here.

Travel from international countries

  • New Zealand’s borders are now fully open

    The New Zealand Government has opened New Zealand’s borders to visitors from anywhere in the world.

    This includes the re-opening of the maritime border to foreign-flagged vessels — including cruise ships.

    Learn more about New Zealand’s border opening here.

  • What are the requirements for entry?

    People can enter New Zealand from anywhere in the world and self-test on arrival if they meet New Zealand’s entry requirements.

    If you are planning to come to New Zealand, please visit this page  to find out what you need to do enter New Zealand.