6 of the best swimming spots for summer

We have been experiencing our fair share of glorious hot and sunny days. Here are 6 of our most favourite swimming spots – yes there are plenty more but we do have to keep some of them secret.

1. Glendhu Bay - Rotary Park

A firm favourite and just a 10 minute drive from town, this picturesque bay on the shore of Lake Wanaka is the perfect spot to take a plunge.

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2. Main beach Lake Wanaka

Jumping off the wharf and swimming out to the pontoon is a rite of passage for kids here in Wanaka. Bring out the inner child - give it a try - backflips optional!

3. Blue Pools

Don't be fooled by the tropical colour - these waters flow from glacial rivers. But it sure is worth the initial chill factor!  Head out to Makarora for this gem.

5. Crucible Lake

For the brave!! If you thought Blue Pools was balmy then take it to the next level with a swim amongst the icebergs. Southern Alps Air and Wilkin River Jets can get you to within a 6 hour return walk.

6. Arethusa Pool on Mou Waho Island

A swimming spot like no other - in a lake on an island on a lake on the South Island in the ocean! Get there with Eco Adventures Wanaka.

7. Lake Hawea

Tranquil, beautiful and only 15 minute drive from Wanaka. Lake Hawea definitely rivals Lake Wanaka and you'll easily find a spot of your own.  (Good place for paddle boarding too!) 


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