6 Places To Grab a Plant-Based Bite in Wanaka

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the vegetarian waters or you’re a lifelong green eating machine, you’ll find fresh eats in Wanaka.

Maybe you’ve been on board the veggie train for years. Or perhaps you finally got around to watch The Game Changers on Netflix and jumped on the bandwagon. Whatever your reasons, there’s a delicious veggie option in Wanaka that you will love.

1. Fedeli Cafe

Fedeli is the answer to all your healthy takeaway needs. With delicious salad, sandwich and dessert options that will satisfy a vegetarian or vegan diet, Fedeli is perfect for a lakeside picnic or a bite on their sunny patio. Their cabinet selection is also clearly marked, making it easier for veggie newbies to figure out what’s what!


2. Big Fig

Big Fig’s motto is ‘slow food, served fast’ and it’s sure to satisfy every diet in your group. Start off by picking your plate size and then move on down the line and grab whatever piques your interest. From colourful pilafs, to roast veggies to gratins (the kumara gratin is a local favourite!) and filling salads – you can create your own veggie dream meal at Big Fig.


3. Dripping Bowl

This isn’t an ordinary food truck. Dripping Bowl is committed to serving nourishing meals that only use 100% wholefoods that are mostly organic and sourced locally when available. Their menu is 100% refined sugar free and there’s a crazy array of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Not to mention the most beautiful smoothie bowls you’ve ever laid eyes on!

Dripping Bowl

4. SoulFood Organic

Doubling as an organic store and café, SoulFood is one of Wanaka’s oldest health-conscious dining establishments. They stock only the freshest, tastiest and more environmentally friendly products that our land has to offer. Perfect for a dine-in lunch or to grab a snack for the tracks.


5. Little Black Caravan

Shh, this one is a bit of a local secret. The Little Black Caravan is located outside of town centre, but it’s well worth the venture for veggie lovers. Make sure to try their absolutely killer veggie toastie, made with local and organic People’s bread.


6. Burrito Craft

If you happen to find yourself at the Dripping Bowl, make sure to do a 180 turn and sample the smoky jackfruit burrito or tacos at Burrito Craft food truck. For vegans, they can accommodate dairy concerns by trading in their cashew crema. And make sure to grab a side of their addictive freshly cooked tortilla chips & dip.


While these are a few of our favourite plant-based bites, don't forget that virtually all establishments in Wanaka either have veggie menu options or are happy to accommodate a variety of dietary concerns. So get out there and sample everything!