Camping never looked so good

By Of Two Lands

Of Two Lands are a fabulous couple one half French, the other Australian who can often been found wandering with camera in hand... 

This is a story from their camping trip to Lake Hawea Holiday Park 

Just 15 minutes from Wanaka...

is The Camp - Lake Hawea. We decided to spend the night in our trusty Jucy camper and very quickly found a picturesque spot right beside the lake, with pretty epic views over the water and mountains. 

The camp site itself was really charming,

lush and nicely spaced out, with plenty of room between spots, great and clean facilities, and just an all-around nice and friendly ambience, not to mention spectacular scenery. As the sun went down there was no shortage of great photo opportunities and spots to soak up the warm afternoon glow.

As the Sun went down...

After cooking and eating our dinner at a lovely picnic table right near us, we waited for the sky to be dark enough to star gaze and were not disappointed by the magnificent sight of the millions of stars above. The skies in this area are particularly dark with not too much light pollution and are breathtaking to behold (and to photograph).

just one peaceful night

Lake Hawea Holiday Park is a place where you can go back to a traditional family camping style, focussed on old-style camp vibes of sharing moments around a wood fire, toasting marshmallows, telling stories and playing music. It is the kind of place you remember going as a kid, sentimental, down to earth and with all you need to enjoy a nice time away from ‘it all’. Better still, it is so well connected and close to Wanaka and Hawea, you need not drive for miles and miles to enjoy just one peaceful night.

The next morning...

we awoke to the chatter of the birds and the warmth of the sun, and shared a nice cup of tea, right beside the lake. We definitely feel we will return to this somewhat hidden gem, and have decided it is our new favourite place.