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Everyone loves a banger Instagram photo. But at what cost?

Picture this. You wake up at 2am, drive to the trailhead, flick on your headtorch and begin the long slog upwards. It’s no luxurious feat, but you know it’ll all be worth it to get the sunrise shot at the top of the mountain. This is why so many come to New Zealand – punishing hikes rewarded with incredible 360 views. But what’s the downside?

To geo-tag or not to geo-tag?

Look, we get it. Social media is all about sharing your experiences and when you reach the top of a mountain, you want to shout it to the world. The only problem is virality.

Geo-tagging makes it easier for lots of visitors to find the same place and get the shot. The problem is that this can negatively affect the environment. Both from a flora and fauna perspective and visitor safety.

Wanaka-Roys-Peak-OfTwoLands 10

Instead of geo-tagging a specific location…

Instead of geo-tagging a specific location, consider using a more general geo-tag. Like ‘Wānaka, New Zealand’, ‘Lake Wānaka’ or even just ‘New Zealand’.


We’ve also created a special geo-tag for our #LoveWānaka series called ‘LoveWānaka – Take Care Of Our Place’ so you can show your followers that you’re committed to protecting New Zealand while you’re here.

Safety comes first

Always remember to care for yourself while you’re out trying to get the shot. Be aware of your surroundings and take every necessary precaution when you’re in the backcountry. On roadways, keep a keen eye out for cars and be sure to take extra care and drive slowly when you’re passing through high-traffic sightseeing areas.


Carpool it

In an effort to help minimize carpark overflow in high-traffic sightseeing areas, many local Wānaka transport companies offer taxi services to trailheads. Check out our list of operators here.


Wherever you find yourself this summer, be it an undiscovered nook or the top of Roy’s Peak, always be sure to share responsibly and be safe while you get the shot!