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See how amazing racing can be

The Macpac Motatapu is an iconic event amongst off-road athletes, hosting over 4,000 participants across several different events every year since its inauguration in 2005.

Steeped in history and set in the stunning Wanaka backcountry, the Motatapu event retraces ancient footsteps along an access route that was used by early Maori for food gathering and moving Pounamu. Today, it is comprised of for stations and for only one day these pristine trails are open to thousands of race competitors.

Perhaps you’re thinking – high alpine endurance racing?! Sounds like that should be left to the pros. But the Macpac Motatapu organizers are letting you in on a secret and sharing why you can (and should!) do the Motatapu.

Exclusive Access

The Macpac Motatapu is your one and only chance to ride or walk through these four spectacular private stations once a year. Plus, you get to share this incredible experience with a group of amazing like-minded people, all loving it and laughing throughout the day. The camaraderie and shared experience of being in the backcountry is memorable and it’s what brings people back every year.

Woman biking through river in Motatapu event

E-Bike Access

Did you know you can do the Motatapu on your ebike? The rise of the MTB ebike has been astronomical this past year and it has allowed more people to venture onto our New Zealand trails. This year, it can allow you to ride the Macpac Motatapu. Bring a lunch, bring a friend and make your way through the valleys at your own pace (although not too slow for the poor volunteers out there!). If you’re a regular out at Bike Glendhu, we are sure you have the skills for the valley.

Bikers riding in Motatapu race

Achieve Your Goals

Need a fitness goal? The 15km Miners Trail could be for you. You can walk this “race” or run if you are keen, while still taking part in the action and fun that is the Macpac Motatapu. Stunning views and being among hundreds of like-minded people getting after it will give you the motivation to keep you going. We promise, it’ll be a lifetime memory that will have you coming back for more.

Runners crossing the finish line at Motatapu event

First Timer?

If you want to race, why not start with the Motatapu? It’s a safe and secure race to start your foray into the racing world. We have all experienced those butterflies on the start line and we know how hard it is to take that leap. But the Macpac Motatapu team and fellow competitors are there to figuratively hold your hand and show you how amazing racing can be.

Motatapu bikers crossing river

The Macpac Motatapu is taking place on March 6, 2021. Registration for the 47km Mountain Bike52.5km Ultra Run42km Marathon and 15km Miners Trail are now open and will remain open until February26, subject to entry availability.