Three epic spring multi-sport days

Multi-sport day [muhl-tee spohrt dey]: the act of trying to cram as many activities or sports as possible into the daylight hours of one day. 

There’s no question as to what the best part of Spring is; longer, warmer days. And true, we love a long winter day on the planks in the snowy mountains. But there’s nothing like a Spring multi-sport day; combining activities that usually live in opposing seasons.

If you have yet to attempt a multi-sport day, well, gear up! Because we’ve got some ideas for you to get it done.

Skiing + climbing

This one is all about being geographically strategic. Begin at Treble Cone Ski Area. Make sure you’ve thrown your climbing gear and ski gear in the car. (Don’t have either? Check out MT Outdoors for both). Catch some sunrise and early morning laps while the snow is still firm up the mountain. Maybe take quick break for some coffee.

Skiers and rock climbers in Wanaka, New Zealand

From there, head down to Hospital Flat (it’s on the way back to Wanaka from Treble Cone, so no need to go out of your way) and get back on the sharp end of the rope. If you’re a beginner, novice or an advanced climber who wants to learn more about the area, check out Basecamp Adventures, who offer several rock climbing experiences.

Biking + boating

Even in the Spring, that late afternoon sun can be brutal. So, get out on your bike early in the day and explore over 750km of trails in Wanaka, including two bike parks – Bike Glendhu and Cardrona Bike Park. Not sure which trail is for you? We can help with that.

Mountain bikers and boaters in Wanaka, New Zealand

After some two-wheeled fun, ditch wheels altogether and get out on the water. If you’re not lucky enough to own (or know someone who owns) a boat, there are a ton of other way to have water-powered fun; rent kayaks or SUP boards from Paddle Wanaka, get out a lake cruise and easy hike to Mou Waho with Wanaka Ecotours or get out waterskiing or wakeboarding with Lakeland Wanaka.

Skate + surf

Chase the wave to the Wanaka skatepark where you’ll be met with the concrete glory of two pool-style bowls, a vert wall and multiple street features sure to quench your skating thirst. In the mood for a social one? Pop up to the Rabbit Hole in Cardrona Valley, where you’ll find a mini-ramp paired with its very own coffee cart, so you can keep the momentum going.

Skateboarders and surfers in Wanaka, New Zealand

Which you’ll need when it’s time to switch to surf. The Hawea River Wave is a playground for kayakers, bodyboarding and surfing enthusiasts. Take a foam board with you for those who are just learning. For those more experienced, go on, get your fibreglass board out.

Hike + brews

Alright, alright, we know that drinking isn’t a sport. But how can you say no to a Wanaka craft beer after a big day slogging up our mountains? First we hike, then we beer. Be sure to check out the breweries here in town, including new kid on the block B. Social by B. Effect Brewery.

Hikers and brewery in Wanaka, New Zealand

Feel free to take one of our suggestions or mix and match activities to create your own multi-sport day. And don’t forget to tag @lakewanakanz and #lovewanaka, so we can see what you got up to!

Photos: Victoria Caffrey, Callum Wood, Bike Glendhu and Treble Cone Ski Area