Featured Activities

If you’re looking for an easy short walk with maximum returns then one or all of these beautiful walks will deliver what you need!

These tracks are not only slightly easier than others but also clear favourites with locals and travellers. (All are close to town and take less than 2 hours)

Mt Iron Loop Track

This is the most popular walk for locals and for many it’s part of their daily routine. Go see for yourself why! Either walk up and down one way (this takes about an hour) or try the loop track for 1.5 hours.


The Outlet Track

This track follows the beautiful turquoise Clutha River. A relatively easy and relaxing walk, allow about 1 hour one way. Tip – It is best in Autumn with the beautiful colours in the trees.


Town to the Waterfall Creek

This easy walk also goes past many ‘must dos’ – ‘That Wānaka Tree’ and Edgewater (stop in for a coffee and scone) and finishes at a beautiful lakeside setting. Where you could continue along the Millennium track to Glendhu Bay!

Allow an hour for a leisurely walk one way.  (However if your continuing this would take a few hours one way!)


Diamond Lake

Located slightly out of town, a steady climb takes you to a beautiful lookout over a hidden lake. Choose from a 45 minute loop track or continue for a 3 hour hike to Rocky Mountain with great 360° views over the lake and mountains.


Gladstone Track

Head to peaceful Lake Hāwea only 15 minutes out of Wānaka. Then meander along this easy track following the shore line all the way to Johns Creek which takes about 1.5 hours. This is not a loop track, you can choose your distance depending on time.


The Wānaka Tracks app will help you decide which track is best for you, using a series of criteria including walking or biking, track difficulty, length, viewpoints and more.