The Barista

You know that one barista who elevates the morning coffee ritual to the next level – well Rob is just that.

When Rob arrived in Wanaka 12 years ago he was (and still is) the man to beat, his careful and considerate nature evident in his flawless tasting coffees.

You can find Rob perfecting his craft at Fedeli - tucked down an alleyway off the main street of Wanaka, Fedeli is all gleaming-white subway tiles, vegan delights, wicked pastries, healthy salads and ridiculously good coffee.   

Name and occupation

Rob, Barista

Tell us what you do in 50 words or less

In simple terms, I make coffee for folk. Being a barista, however, is an interesting combination of hospitality, technical skills, flavour profiling and stock control, oh…and often a bit of problem solving too.

Best part of living in Wanaka

I like waking up with nature all around me and yet living in the anomaly that is a cosmopolitan, small rural town.

What do you miss when you are away?

Not one particular thing or place or activity, but what I do miss is the ease of life here. The friendly faces. The joie de vivre.

Favourite season and why?

Mostly Autumn (with the first nips of Winter added). It’s kind of a Goldilocks zone… not too hot, not too cold, but just right, also no hay fever.

Any secrets you can share to why your coffee is SO good?

Thank you for saying that. There is nothing secret about it though, just three things really,

 1: Give generously the attention your customer deserves. (You are making coffee for your guests. Strive to give them what they want, don’t be a snob.)

 2: Deliberate practice. Each coffee is the sum of it’s components - like a jigsaw puzzle - if one part is not correct, then it will not assemble correctly.

 3: Always be learning - Don’t get complacent or rigid. Coffee is an organic thing - you need to be able to evolve with it.

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