The Best Bars Are Always Hidden

A parking lot, up some stairs - Lalaland is worth the search

This intimate lounge bar is filled with bottles, jars, barrels and other cocktail paraphenalia that makes it look more like an apothecary than a cocktail bar. No repetitive sweet options here,this menu is so varied and delicious you will easily find a cocktail to your liking. In fact, it’s hard to choose just one!

Here are a few cocktails that you MUST try.

The Quincy Sloe Sling

The Quincy Sloe Sling uses the new Cardrona Distillery’s Rose Rabbit Orange Liqueur. This combined with homemade local quince liquor, gives what would normally resemble a refreshing Singapore Sling an almost warm feel. 

A Nice Pear of Cucumbers

A Nice Pear of Cucumbers is so refreshing it feels like you could be eating a delicious summer salad, dressed with tangy vinegar. 

The Branana Fence

If you love sweeter drinks, try The Branana Fence. Inspired by a meal of waffles and bananas and it truly has that exact aftertaste.

*Lalaland is found Level 1, 99 Ardmore St, and is open daily from 6pm till 2.30am.
(Upstairs and off the main street, or ask a local)