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The Brewer

Jess is head brewer and co owner of Rhyme and Reason - Wanaka's newest craft brewery. And a mighty fun one at that!

See what beer takes Jess's fancy and be sure to download her simple and satisfying slow cooker recipe using dark beer.

Recipe Here

Beer or Wine?


Pale Ale or Pilsner?

Pale ale all the way. That's my 'desert island castaway' beer of choice. I love this style because there are so many great and various versions in this style - from mid-strength sessions through to full bodied and hoppy, forward fruity ales. 

Hops or malt?

Hops: Because hops produce the flavours I favour the most. I really enjoy clean hop bitterness that punches zingy citrus and tropical fruits.

Light or dark beer?

I do like a good dry stout or a milky chocolate porter on a cold autumn afternoon. But for most occasions I seek the lighter in coloured beer - from a red to orange to straw like colour there are many great styles to choose from.   

Pint or half?

Pint of course! Saves time lining up for beer. I also enjoy how the flavour and even mouth feel of the beer changes as it warms SLIGHTLY in the pint from start to finish. With the darker beers the flavour softens from bitter coffee, to a sweeter caramel and then chocolate. 

Day or Night?

Day: By the time night comes around I'm too tired from the day...the day is full of work, fun and adventure.

Lake or Mountains?

Mountains: I like the activities and remoteness of the mountains. An overnight hike and camp is about the best fun to be had on a weekend in Wanaka. We mountain bike a lot until the snow falls and then it's on!