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The Chef (Part 2)

Matt from Kika is an absolute master in the kitchen, creating beautiful dishes that are attracting a lot of attention. Plus he's a super nice guy!

What kind of chef is Matt and what does he like to cook? Make sure to download Kika's roasted cauliflower dish - yes you can now cook Kika at home!

Recipe Here

sweet or savoury?

Savoury: I do enjoy sweets and making desserts, but sometimes it's too much for me. I love umami "savoury" flavours and textures. I also enjoy taking savoury ingredients and using them in desserts. 

Vegetables or meat?

Vegetables: Don't get me wrong, I really crave and enjoy a good cut of meat - but vegetables are so under utilised. There's so many flavours and textures to play with and so many techniques to cook them with.... and you kinda feel good about eating your veggies, ha.

Simple or complex?

Simple: Complexity is a good challenge, but simple at the end of the day.

Beer or wine?

Wine: There's nothing like a cold beer! But wine is a different story - well... it tells a story. So much complexity in a glass exciting your palate and nose, from the varietal to the terroir, to the winemakers and then it depends on the weather. There is so much passion and thought put into that bottle and when you get that into your glass, you're speechless. I love good wine!

Red or White?

Depends... but mostly red

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring?

Spring: Everything is growing...everything is new! 

Nectarines and cheese. Photo by Jason Kelly for Cuisine Magazine

Kika bar. Photo by Jason Kelly for Cuisine Magazine

Kika. Photo by Jason Kelly for Cuisine Magazine