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The Gelatician

Gelatician sounds like a strange name for a person who creates classic ice cream. But gelato is a serious craft - just ask Jon from Black Peak Gelato.

What flavour would a man around gelato all day choose? See below what Jon chooses. Plus if you want a ridiculously easy and delicious chocolate sauce that will please more than kids download it below. 


Recipe Here

savoury or Sweet?

Sweet! Well we all know it's "sweet as" not "savoury as"

1 or 2 scoops?

Two, it's all about getting the ultimate cone combo!

Bite or Lick?

Lick, savour the flavour

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla. If your vanilla is good, the rest will follow. 

Mountain or lake?

I'm not just an ice cream maker, i'm a ski bum at heart, so mountains

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring?

Winter. But we are lucky enough to see the four seasons roll round here in Wanaka.