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Tips from adventure photographer Adam Jordan

Adam Jordan knows how to get the shot

Meet Adam, an adventure photographer from Australia. Learn what brought him to Wanaka, what he loves about travelling and how he gets the best photos. 

Who are you and how did you end up in Wanaka?

I'm Adam Jordan, an Australian adventurer with a camera. I entered a photography competition with Canon Australia & Lake Wanaka Tourism where the theme of the competition was to “Bring Your Curiosity." I chose to submit a photo from a recent trip to China where I was mistakenly bundled with a Chinese family and I spent the day with them as an adopted son.

Can you explain what you love about travelling?

I often joke that I am the “unprepared adventurer”, because I tend to leave things to the last minute, and therefore, I'm unprepared for whatever adventure I'm about to enter. But this is what I love about travelling; being in a location or situation where I have to work things out for myself and the spontaneity that comes with open plans. My main reason for adventuring is to push myself as far as I can. I don't yet know everything that I am capable of, so travelling teaches new things about myself.

Lake Wanaka on a sunny day in New Zealand

What are your tips on getting the best landscape or travel shot?

Often patience comes in handy when it comes to photography, but when travelling, sometimes you can't sit and wait for the perfect light, you have somewhere else you need to be or the weather is about to change and you need to move quickly... So I would say, even if you have a dream shot in mind, don't be too set on it. If you can't be at a spot for sunrise or sunset like you wanted, find a way to make the location work for you when you're there. Basically, being adaptable with your vision. Nine times out of ten, I don't have a specific shot in mind when I go to a destination, even if I've seen shots that I love from other photographers, I don't want to reproduce what someone else has already done So I wait and see what nature hands me on the day.

What was something you discovered about Wanaka that surprised you?

I was really surprised with just how much there was to do. I knew of the winter activities in Wanaka, but the warmer weather activities were amazing to experience. I pretty much fell in love with the mountain biking with Wanaka Bike Tours. It was the first time mountain biking and I can't think of a better view to have witnessed while riding.

Heli mountain biking in Wanaka, New Zealand

What is your favourite spot in Wanaka and why?

There was a moment while on the heli-hike with Wanaka Heli- Hikes, that we were on a ridge and the wind was blowing, while I'm looking down at Wanaka below. I lifted my arms out, like a bird, and I imagined that is how a bird would feel, soaring above the mountains, the wind pummeling my face and body. I don't know the exact spot, but it is a feeling and a view that I will remember forever.

A hiker overlooking the mountain view in Wanaka, New Zealand