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Untouched World is a sustainable lifestyle brand that celebrates living in harmony with nature. They believe in quality over quantity and doing right by people and the planet.
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At Untouched World, sustainability is embedded deep within our DNA. Since day one back in 1997, before sustainability was even a thing, we’ve made it our business to use fashion as a vehicle for change. Our mission has always been to champion the way toward a greener future and inspire others to do the same. We want a future where our children can still swim in rivers and oceans, where native flora and fauna thrive. We want to see everyone with access to clean water, and respected without exploitation or discrimination. Our hope is that businesses will change their focus to purpose over profit. This is the kind of world we want to live in, and one that we are trying to create. 

Untouched World brings together people and planet; the natural world and human skill. Like the Māori Kite represented in our logo, it’s a collision of human and nature that, when its time is up, leaves the earth without a trace. 

As a certified B Corp, Untouched World is dedicated to doing business for good. We use natural, renewable fibres, which have a low impact on the environment, from the start to end of their life cycle. We encourage a less-is-more approach, creating timeless designs, crafted to endure a lifetime of wear. Designs that will transition effortlessly through any season: fashion or weather. Unlike most fast fashion brands, who pump out collections constantly, we create just two meaningful collections a year: spring/summer and autumn/winter. Going slow and steady gives us extra time to perfect each piece, and ensure they look great and last for the long haul. 

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