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Taoka 1. (noun);

Treasure, anything prized

Constantly in awe of the taoka that surrounds us – we must do all we can to care of that which hosts.

The wairua (spirit) created by our landscape is what shapes the experience of being in Wānaka and connects everyone who visits — whether for a few hours, or a lifetime. We all have a responsibility to take up the challenge of being good ancestors. This will help create the foundations for a thriving future for this place, long after we are gone.

Here are some ways you can help.

Love Wānaka raises funds to support climate, conservation, and biodiversity action in the Wānaka region. They connect our visitors and visitor industry to projects of impact in our region, raising funds to support those who are tackling the climate crisis on the ground in Wānaka.

The Queenstown Lakes district community supports the ambitious goal of making its visitor economy carbon zero by 2030.

The earth race starts today with a full commitment to decarbonising the tourism industry to carbon zero in the Queenstown Lakes District by 2030. The goal of carbon zero is carefully defined to include aviation, both flights into and from the district, and transport within the district. It is also firmly committed to removing carbon and not using offsetting as a solution.

The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand while you are here.

This means care for the land, sea, waterways and nature by treading lightly and leaving no trace. It means traveling safely and showing care for others around you. Lastly, it means that you have respect for culture and that you travel with an open heart and mind.

Mitigate the impact of air travel by staying for longer in destinations. Being a slow traveller has many benefits, allows you to explore more and get to know the community. It allows you to travel more sustainably.

It’s more sustainable if your money contributes to the local economy.  Support local business owners – keep an eye out for the LoveWānaka, Supporting Local stickers in shop windows and do your bit to help us move towards a more circular economy.

From staying in five-star luxury through to the community vibe of a backpacker hostel, there are steps that you can take to be more sustainable while in your temporary Wānaka home!

Support local business owners by opting to stay in locally-owned accommodation – luckily there is plenty to choose from and is part of what makes Wānaka unique. People live here because they love it!

When considering accommodation, look for providers who are making steps to provide a more sustainable experience.  You can read more about this here.

Volunteer, walk & water or donate to keep our place green.

Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust is a Wānaka community-based plant nursery that raises native New Zealand foliage for replanting in their natural habitats. This important work results in more biodiversity in Wānaka, providing a better environment for our native birds and insects. Plants and trees also trap carbon, so the more the Trust can plant; the more carbon offset. We encourage both our visitors and locals to help in any way they can, whether it be simply watering a few plants along the lake, spending time at the nursery or donating!

Find out more here.

Consider the most sustainable form of transport to get around while you are visiting. Many rental car companies have e-vehicles on offer.

There are over 750kms of interconnected tracks and trails in Wānaka, making it easy to walk and bike while you’re here. There’s plenty of  options to choose from to pick up a great rental bike.

How to tramp responsibly in Wānaka
How to tramp responsibly in Wānaka
Wānaka is the gateway to Mt. Aspiring National Park in the incredible Southern Alps region of New Zealand.
Go single-use cup free in Wānaka
Go single-use cup free in Wānaka
SUCfree Wānaka (Single Use Cup free) is one of the many organisations based here that are working to make Wānaka the first single-use cup free town in Aotearoa.
3 ways you can help preserve Wānaka’s native plants
3 ways you can help preserve Wānaka’s native plants
Volunteer with, walk & water or donate to Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust.