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Domestic Visitor Profile

Using the national data sets available and website data we've pulled together a domestic visitor profile that is specific to this region link here (see attached)

For more information about the national data sets available please see below.

Tourism Data Sets

These provide an understanding of regional monthly expenditure in tourism.
Tourism Electronic Card Transactions 
Monthly spending patterns
Spend by RTO and Product Category

Accommodation Data Programme
The Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) is a new ‘by industry, for industry’ research programme designed to meet the needs of accommodation providers and industry representatives in New Zealand. The ADP collects a small amount of data from accommodation providers each month, collates it, and then publishes reports that can be used to benchmark performance and monitor the industry.

DGiT (Domestic Growth Insight Tool) is an insight project to help activate domestic tourism and help tourism operators and Regional Tourism Organisations maximise the value they get out of domestic tourism.

Colmar Brunton was contracted to undertake research and develop the online tool, which included surveying 6,000 New Zealanders on their leisure travel habits to understand the different types of domestic travellers, including their motivations for travel.

Lake Wānaka Tourism Marketing Activity

Tourism plays a crucial role in the Wānaka region now more than ever, domestic tourism is set to play a vital role in the rebuilding of our economy and act as a key indicator for the health and security of the Wānaka region. Domestic visitor spend represented approximately 40% of total pre-COVID total visitor spend.

Ensure that Wānaka is a top-of-mind destination for our domestic audience.

Use data and insights to determine and understand the domestic audience across all visitor segments
Develop seasonal campaign activity to drive domestic visitation
Leverage and support Tourism New Zealand’s domestic campaign activity
Target different markets and sectors through a range of highly targeted promotional activity

 We’re primed with re-entry strategy and a comprehensive winter campaign for Australia, ready to launch as soon as we have an indication from the government that a Trans-Tasman bubble will open.
If you have any questions about LWT campaign, please contact Marketing and Communications Manager Gizelle Regan 

Industry Capability

If you have any questions about LWT campaign, please contact Marketing and Communications Manager Gizelle Regan  

LWT operates and facilitates a variety of training and workshops to further member’s business capability.
For further information please contact the Business Development Executive Brad Rowe  

To update your listings on this website or for further information please contact the Online Executive Tess Hellebrekers
Link to member portal to update your business information

Working with Tourism New Zealand

The top things you can do right now.

Use the "Do Something New New Zealand" branding in your marketing:
1. Feature their branding in your marketing to enjoy the benefits of brand association.
2. For more information including their free toolkits of assets (including social media assets) and examples visit their visual library.
3. Utilise their #DoSomethingNewNZ hashtag in your social media to give your post a larger audience. This also gives Tourism New Zealand exposure to your content so they can consider it for use it across their platforms for added impact.
4. For more guidance and support with social media and how to leverage Tourism New Zealand’s social media, watch the webinar.  

Have your product loaded on
Promote your business at no cost by listing on their website, viewed by over 100,000 domestic visitors per week. Their website provides factual and useful information that aids consumers travel planning and decision making. Listing your business is free and requires you to register first (takes approx. 20mins) – see the user guide and recommendations for optimal listings here.