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Adopting knowledge from generations of farmers and market gardeners, Freshlink Grocer is here to re-introduce the way things used to be done, taking grocery shopping back to the simplistic and basic principles we used to follow.

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With a vision to supply everyone whole foods - foods with zero to minimal processing - Freshlink is doing just that, and more. We also aim to minimise packaging, shorten the distance between our growers, makers, and customers by sourcing locally, and provide organic options where possible.

Whether it be to fill your home (or your hiking pack), our growing categories span across fresh fruit and vegetables, refillable drys + liquid goods, herbs + spices, pantry essentials such as eggs, bread, nut butters + tinned tomatoes, dairy products + alternatives, and items for the kitchen, laundry + bathroom.

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82 Anderson Road, Wānaka, Otago 9305, New Zealand

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