Guerrilla Gigs | Good Habits live at Dino Park

Friday, July 30

Live music on the lake, brought to you by Guerrilla Gigs. As part of their NZ Farewell Tour, award winning UK alternative-folk duo, Good Habits are playing Wānaka. Wrap up warm and come along to enjoy live music out in the open.

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Free for everyone - bring a koha contribution for the performers' hat. RSVP here.

Good Habits are an award winning UK alternative-folk duo, telling stories and turning heads across the globe. Composed of singer-cellist Bonnie Schwarz and accordionist-percussionist Pete Shaw, the nomadic couple create folk-infused songs that test the limits of their traditional instruments.

Sitting between folk and indie, their upbeat and interactive set guides the audiences through the chapters of their musical adventures, maintaining folk roots of musical storytelling amongst their energetic, virtuosic playing. Their music explores new ways to create energy and musical variety from their two instruments: acrobatic vocal stylings dance above, intricate and conversing textures between the cello and the accordion.

With an eclectic mix influences including Folk, Jazz, pop and Klezmer, Good Habits create a sound that is intriguing, yet warm and uplifting.

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Dinosaur Park, Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand

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