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Saturday, October 17

On the 17th October 2020 Still Stone, The Laser Studio and Hyde and Seek Leather Craft will be sharing their trades and craft with interested people at Originz Gift Shop, Wanaka.

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Lake Wanaka and surrounds is home to many clever crafts people who have turned their passions and skills into their livelihood. Originz Gift Shop in Wanaka is committed to sourcing and showcasing these unique delights and creations. It is special being able to showcase quality wares from the place that you live. The connection to the maker and product is enhanced through the human contact we have with each other. The items and makers all have their unique journeys through their lives and it is meaningful to share this with the Lake Wanaka visitors and community. Through this process we get to know each other well, we share knowledge of the creative landscape and make each other feel valued through this connection.

The amazing crafts people that will be sharing their creative journeys with you are: Jill and Dan from Still Stone - contemporary carvers of beautiful greenstone/pounamu touch stones, bowls, pendants and earrings. Dan of Maori descent and Jill Phillipino Canadian have been long term Wanaka locals and were regaulars on the market scene. Kat and Simon from The Laser Studio based in Luggate transitioned from their previous jobs to their passion of laser cutting approximately one year ago to meet the demand of their products. Their laser cut items are detailed and delicate and the Wanaka Tree magnet is by far the most popular magnet we sell.  Lastly, after seeing his products at the Cromwell Market Connor Offen 's beautifully crafted leather wallets, clutches, dog collars, leads and card holders from Hyde and Seek leather craft have graced the shop. These quality wares have a wonderful twist of masculine floral ining and deer hyde aswell as being extremely functional. 

Originz Gift Shop welcomes you to beautiful Lake Wanaka to hear from these clever crafts people right at our back door. The presentations will start at 1:00pm and conclude at 2:00pm. 

We are also very proud to be a part of Toi.                                                                                                                                                    

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